Dental Fillings in Grangeville & McCall, ID

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a basic type of restoration we use to improve your dental health. Fillings are used to restore teeth damaged by tooth decay (cavities), fractures, or other minor damage. To place a dental filling, our caring dentist will first remove the decayed or damaged part of the tooth. He will then carefully clean the tooth and fill it in with the filling material. Dr. Shane Newton sculpts and shapes the filling material to comfortably fit your bite and match the natural shape and contours of your tooth. Once it is properly shaped, we harden (cure) the filling by using a special light. Your dental filling in McCall, Idaho, can be completed in just one comfortable, short visit to our dental office.

Do I need a dental filling?

You may need a dental filling if your tooth has suffered from minor decay or damage. A dental filling can effectively restore the tooth to its original health and function. Our dental team works hard to ensure that your filling treatment is pleasant and comfortable. For more information on dental fillings, we invite you to contact us at Two Rivers Dentistry in McCall today. We look forward to improving your oral health!