Dr Brown Bio

I was born and raised in northern Utah. Attended Utah state university where I studied biology and met my wife Haley. We both are adventure seekers. We love to rock climb, mountain bike, ski, trail run, and explore. We don’t have any kids yet but we do have a German short hair pointer that we take everywhere with us.

I always knew I wanted to practice medicine just didn’t know what direction I wanted to take. As I was applying for med school I felt as if something was off. After shadowing a dentist the following week and seeing all the technology that dentistry incorporates and how advanced it has become, struck my interest. But what really hit home for me was seeing a patient cry after seeing her new teeth placed after an accident that left her with no teeth. She felt as if her life was back. I wanted the opportunity to give that to someone.

I was accepted into Midwestern University down in Phoenix, AZ. This is where I have been seeing patients until I moved to Grangeville in June of 2018. I absolutely love the community and want to become a part of it. It has always been my dream to live in a small town rather than the concrete jungles I have been in all my life. I want to practice dentistry in this area because of how warm and welcoming attitude of everyone. I want to change as many lives as possible aiding them with any of their dental needs or concerns.