Dental 3D Imaging in Grangeville & McCall, ID

We are pleased to be able to provide our patients the latest in dental scanning technology in both our McCall and Grangeville locations.

What Is Cone Beam 3D Imaging?

Cone beam 3D imaging is a state-of-the-art imaging system that provides our dentists with three-dimensional images of your mouth and surrounding structures. The cone beam 3D imaging system provides us with a comprehensive view of your teeth, jawbones, jaw joint, and the surrounding facial structure. While normal X-rays provide us with a two-dimensional image of your mouth, cone beam 3D imaging in McCall, Idaho, allows us to visualize your mouth and nearby structures three dimensionally.

3D Imaging Dentist Grangeville, McCall, ID

At Two Rivers Dentistry we utilize cone beam 3D imaging for several purposes. We can use the 3D images to:

  • Evaluate the need for orthodontic treatment and analyze your progress during treatment
  • Assess the extent of trauma to your mouth and face
  • Visualize developmental abnormalities
  • Check for dental problems such as tooth decay
  • Plan tooth extractions
  • Examine the status of your existing dental restorations to determine whether repairs or maintenance are needed
  • Assess bone loss
  • Determine if adequate bone is available to place implants
  • Plan the location and placement of dental implants
To learn more about how we use cone beam 3D imaging to diagnose dental diseases and plan treatments, we welcome you to contact our dental offices. We look forward to caring for your smile!