Dental Fillings in Grangeville, Lewiston and McCall, ID

Tooth Colored Fillings

Our restorative team is dedicated to providing youwith the latest materials and technology to give the most durable, cosmetic and comfortable results in replacing your natural teeth.

Whenever possible, we use the most conservative treatment options to repair a broken or decayed tooth. The filling materials we utilize are high strength tooth colored composites that are designed to give you the maximum comfort and aesthetics. These materials offer good results for smaller areas of breakdown but are not effective if a larger portion of the tooth has been compromised.

Dentist McCall, Lewiston, Grangeville ID
Dentist McCall, Lewiston, Grangeville ID

Porcelain Crowns

The dental crown is the recommendation we will typically give you for any tooth that has significant breakdown or wear. It has the advantage of binding the tooth together to prevent any further breakdown as well as maximizing our ability to restore both function and ideal cosmetics. These crowns are both durable and beautiful.

The technology of the dental crown has dramatically improved over the last 20 years. We no longer have to worry about fracturing as the porcelains today are as hard as metals. The greatest development is our ability to fabricate your crown on the same day it is prepared. This saves you both time and money as you do not need two appointments and you do not need to wear a temporary crown.

Cerec Crown Technology has provided us with the ability to fabricate and deliver beautiful, durable restorations in one appointment. Our patients lovethe fact that they no longer have to deal with temporary crowns and walk out with the finished product the same day.

In cases where replacing a missing tooth with an implant is not possible or practical, we will often recommend a permanent bridge. This involves preparing the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth and preparing a series of crowns that are fused together to replace the missing tooth or teeth. These restorations require additional homecare attention when an implant is not possible in order to maintain ideal hygiene and tissue health.

These multiple crown restorations are also very durable and can in most cases also be prepared and delivered at the same appointment with the Cerec Technology. In cases involving multiple missing teeth, conventional techniques may be required. The advantage of these restorations is that it provides a fully functional and aesthetic replacement of missing teeth when implants are not an option.