Preventive Care in Grangeville and McCall, ID

The most cost-effective investments anyone can make in relation to their oral health, is regular preventive maintenance. This involves having a comprehensive dental exam, regular cleanings, including current x-rays, a complete periodontal evaluation and thorough clinical exam. This also includes a thorough review of your complete health history, a review of all current medications being taken, a cancer screening and in some instances additional lab tests as may be indicated.

We are often asked to eliminate or ignore part of this overall evaluation, but from experience we have learned that this is your most important investment, more so than any additional treatment that you might be considering. The amount of time we might recommend between cleaning appointments is determined by your overall health, the degree of dental compromise and most importantly by the level of home care that is maintained on a daily basis. Contact us today to make an appointment in Grangeville or McCall, ID.

Periodontal or gum disease is the most prevalent dental concern past the age of 25. Some patients need to be seen every three months to prevent further damage while some patients with meticulous home care may not need to be seen but once a year. Our goal is to ideally eliminate all disease processes but at the very least minimize or slow the ongoing progression. Our team is dedicated to helping you prevent the more serious problems that inevitably result when periodontal disease is left unattended.